Marina Cvetic Trebbiano d'Abruzzo Riserva 2019

Trebbiano d'Abruzzo

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The Trebbiano Riserva Marina Cvetic represents the ultimate expression for the estate of one of the historical vines of Abruzzo.  Like Montepulciano, Trebbiano was once thought to be a workhorse grape without the potential to produce great wine. The interpretation of this wine is original and has a character. Marina Cvetic wines have full body and are elegant and are a “lone voice” for the most demanding and technical experts.


In a span of only 30 miles between the Apennine Mountains and the Adriatic Sea, Masciarelli has carefully assembled 60 specific sites averaging just 5 acres and spread across the diverse soils and altitudes of the 4 provinces of Abruzzo. These vineyards are farmed sustainably, and the two specific vineyards that bear fruit for this wine range in altitude from 750 to 1,170 feet with soils of clay and limestone. These vines are trained in the traditional Abruzzo pergola.


The fruit is grown on two specific sites. After a long, cool fermentation in barrel, the wine spends 12 months in new French barriques where the malolactic conversion is completed. After barrel aging, the wine spends another 12 months in the bottle allowing the integration of the extended oak contact to give us a wine of power and finesse.


The wine growing season of 2019 was negatively characterized by the cold and rainy weather conditions of April and May. After an almost absent winter with a pleasant climate and evenly distributed rains, between the end of April and the end of May sudden drops in temperature occurred with even frosts at the bottom of the valleys. All this brought several problems, initially the onset of blind buds during budding, then a difficult fruit set with the result of having fewer bunches and less weight due to the lower number of berries on the bunches. The delay in the occurrence of phenological phases was recovered in late summer despite two floods in mid-July. The harvest started in light advance for the precocious international varieties, but the perturbed climate in the first decade of September has rebalanced the picking time for trebbiano and montepulciano. The difficult fruit set turned out to be a great qualitative advantage on all the cultivated varieties, allowing to mitigate an unusual and troubled climatic course. This resulted in a de facto decrease in production.


This Trebbiano explodes with ripe, concentrated stone and orchard fruit complemented with floral and spice notes. It is a distinct wine with a big personality, but remarkable refinement and complexity alongside.



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Trebbiano d'Abruzzo

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"Silky and enveloping"

Vinous Media - "The 2019 Trebbiano d'Abruzzo Riserva is a fruit-forward and extroverted expression with notes of baked apple, dried nectarines, almond paste and honied florals. This is silky and enveloping, balanced by stimulating acidity with a savory, almost-salty mix of mineral-tinged orchard fruits and hints of ginger. There’s the slightest hint of perceptible heat to contend with here, yet it doesn’t get in the way, as a twang of zesty citrus reverberates through the long and structured finale. A full minute goes by as you notice a note of roasted hazelnut continues to linger. There’s so much pleasure to be found here already that it’s hard to imagine cellaring the 2019, yet a few years are sure to bring even further depths." 

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Trebbiano d’Abruzzo

Trebbiano d'Abruzzo

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Gianni Masciarelli one day suprised his wife by presenting her with this wine, from the grape he made famous from the region, named after her. Croatian in origin, her first reaction was that no one would be able to pronounce the wine. Because of the outstanding sites used to produce the wine and the serious winemaking care it undergoes, Marina Cvetic Montepulciano d'Abruzzo soon became the most widespread example of serious Montepluciano in the world.

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