Dry Furmint 2017



The incredible aromatic expressiveness and mineral expression that make Furmint a wonderful grape for sweet wine, also make for attention getting and attractive dry wine. Disznoko’s Dry Furmint plays on the purity of fruit and freshness, with no oak and gentle handling.


Acclaimed as one of the three most favorable sites of Aszu in Tokaj, the Disznoko estate is a single tract of land set in 250 acres. The south, southwest-facing slopes planted with local Furmint, Hárslevelű and Zéta are open to the Plain. Disznoko wines gain their fire from the mineral-rich volcanic land, rhyolite-tuff with clay soils.


The wine is made up of 90% Furmint and 10% Hárslevelű. The grape bunches are manually harvested at the time of full ripening, but before Botrytis development. The clusters are put into crates and brought to the winery, where they are gently pressed, allowed to settle, and fermented in stainless steel tanks.


Very fresh floral, citrusy nose with pear and grapefruit aromas. Exceeding freshness and fruit with a hint of chalk on the palate. A lingering mineral note and salty finish.





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5 Puttonyos

In the classification of sweetness for Tokaji wines, 5 Puttonyos is not the sweetest, yet to the connoisseur it is the perfectly balanced wine for drinking fresh: it is racy and mineral yet delivers the irresistibly deep and rich marmalade-like notes that are so unique to wines from this region.

6 Puttonyos

The highest classification of sweetness until you reach some one-off rarities, these 6 Puttonyos wines are almost immortal, and show best with several years of age when the incredible sweet fruit starts to mingle with spices and other secondary notes. Lucky for us, Disznoko holds back its 6 Puttonyos for just this very reason.


Kapi is a single vineyard plot situated in the upper part of the southern slopes of Disznókő.  Kapi Vineyard is planted exclusively to Furmint, the noblest and most ancient Tokaj variety. Its special character: Furmint mirrors the soils, and this separate bottling has tremendous lift and finesse due to the volcanic soils.

Late Harvest

Made from botrytized and shriveled Furmint grapes, one of the traditional grape varieties used for making the Disznoko 5 Puttonyos and 6 Puttonyos wines. This wine is aged for only a few months in traditional Hungarian oak casks, and is then bottled, capturing its freshness.



The memory of the vintage – a legendary wine of Tokaj. Eszencia is a free-flowing nectar pressed from aszú berries under their own weight. A unique nectar that is mentioned in the Hungarian national anthem. Eszencia was even historically sold in pharmacies due to its beneficial health effects.