7th Son 2020

McLaren Vale


The wine’s name comes from Seventh Son of the Seventh Son, a folklore concept of birth right gifts of second sight, healing and luck. The Seventh Son is a testament to the quality of these two varieties, Grenache and Shiraz, in McLaren Vale and how well they can compliment each other. When blended together though these opposites provide a great foil for each other, creating a complex and intriguing wine.


The Grenache portion is sourced from 75 year old biodynamic grown bush vines from the deep sands of Blewitt Springs. It provides a rustic, lighter, earthier flavor than the fruit forward, softer Shiraz portion which is sourced from the Lopresti vineyards.


To ensure optimum ripeness and expression of each variety, the Grenache, Shiraz and Sagrantino were each picked and fermented separately. All parcels were crushed and destemmed, the Shiraz and Grenache were fermented in eight tonne open and static fermenters while the Sagrantino was fermented in smaller two tonne open fermenters. Twice daily pump overs during fermentation at a cool 20 to 24°C retained aromatics and established a soft yet well-structured tannin profile with fine grained texture. Barrel matured for 20 months, the Grenache and Sagrantino parcels were kept in 100% seasoned French and American oak hogs heads, whilst the Shiraz brings a small proportion of new oak, approximately 5% to the overall blend. Natural malolactic fermentation occurred during this time. After barrel ageing the individual parcels were carefully blended to final proportions of 60% Grenache, 34% Shiraz and 6% Sagrantino. Bottled without fining and undergoing light filtration.


A drier than average growing season for the third year in a row with reduced vine vigor, while very high winds in November affected fruit set and lowered yields further. December was very hot, placing stress on the vines but fortunately January brought some reprieve with cooler temps and set up a long and steady ripening period. February saw the approach of significant rain bands causing some concern, but disease pressure was kept at bay and no high uptake or splitting occurred. The trend for cooler weather continued into March for the bulk of picking. Wines remained balanced with good acidity and medium body.


On the nose, Red, blue and black fruits, aromatic dry spices and a mineral, earthy undertone. A seamless connection between the three varieties. Medium bodied with bright cherry, raspberry, spiced plum, blackberry and mulberry all present. Succulent acidity brings a pleasing tartness, balanced by a silky textured and opulent mid palate, finishing long with fine grained gravelly tannins.



Grape Varieties

Grenache, Shiraz


McLaren Vale



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McLaren Vale

Named after the rare Marsican bear, native to Frank’s father Bruno’s homeland, Abruzzo. The same bear can be seen in the night sky over Italy forming the Ursa Major – a constellation that has been a navigational reference point for ages. Marsican is a tribute to Frank Mitolo’s heritage and his father’s enduring .influence and guidance.

Savitar Shiraz

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“Savitar” is a mythical dragon-like monster, and this wine is so named because of the impression Frank Mitolo and Ben Glaetzer had upon tasting one particular lot in the Willunga vineyard. They were so blown away they decided to make a Shiraz from just the small lot, and Savitar was created.

Serpico Cabernet Sauvignon

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“Serpico” was a famous New York police officer who wasn’t afraid to ‘work against the grain’. With Serpico, Mitolo aims to step outside its peers and redefine the accepted style of Cabernet making. Serpico is a 100% Cabernet made in the Amarone method to achieve intense aromas, and a concentrated viscous middle palate with soft and silky tannins.


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G.A.M. represents the first initial of each of Frank Mitolo children’s first names – Gemma, Alex and Marco – and G.A.M. was the first and remains the flagship wine of the estate. A Shiraz that embodies the Mitolo credo: strong and gentle. Uncompromising intensity and depth, supple complexity of fruit and savory flavors.


McLaren Vale

The Lopresti Family growers have provided fruit for Mitolo from the very beginning. Sourced from Sandra’s Block, matriarch of the Lopresti family, this wine is a tribute to Frank Mitolo’s mother, Angela, matriarch of the Mitolo family.

Jester Vermentino

McLaren Vale

Frank Mitolo and Ben Glaetzer spent considerable time researching the choice of varietal for Mitolo’s first white wine, and Vermentino was chosen as a grape that matches well with food and that would suit the McLaren Vale region. The maritime climate of McLaren Vale perfectly reflects that of the Mediterranean coastal districts of Corsica and Sardinia from which this varietal is best known. Warm days and cool, breezy nights allow for the grapes to develop balanced acidity and fresh fruit flavors.

Jester Shiraz

McLaren Vale

The Jester wines share the pedigree of the top Mitolo wines, but are more accessible and fruit-forward. Jester Shiraz is a blend of several blocks within the Lopresti vineyard in the Willunga district, all the way at the southern tip of McLaren Vale overlooking the coast. Intense, textured and shows pure dark fruit flavors.

Jester Cabernet Sauvignon

McLaren Vale

Jester Cabernet is a “baby” Serpico, the top Mitolo Cabernet produced using an Amarone drying process. For the Jester Cabernet, only a portion of the grapes are left to dry in the traditional Amarone winemaking method. Jester Cabernet is upfront and approachable, delivering excellent quality for the price.