Action Needed: Stand Up Against Wine Tariffs!

It’s hard to digest that the two wine and spirits-related tariff issues (Large Aircraft and Digital Services Tax) have come forward again in the midst of such difficult circumstances for our country and industry. Unfortunately, we have no choice but to again make every effort to respond and gather support against threats to our mutual business.

Despite our industry’s effective opposition in January, the USTR has opened another review period in the Large Aircraft dispute in which they are again considering tariffs up to 100% on still and sparkling wines from Europe.  At the same time, the new tariff threat over the Digital Services Tax recently imposed by several European countries is also very serious.

We are fighting a two headed monster, and we have to work against both.

Digital Services TaxDEADLINE FOR ACTION IN JULY 15th!

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The Large Aircraft DisputeDEADLINE FOR ACTION IN JULY 26th!

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