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Champagne – James Bond’s royal flush

April 5, 2021

In honor of the highly anticipated release of EON’s 25th Bond film, No Time To Die, Jancis Robinson published a detailed story about James Bond’s love for Champagne and Bollinger’s prominence in the films and books. Interestingly, Robinson recently read all 14 books to compare and contrast the differences depicted on screen, concluding that “times may have changed, but 007 has kept his two trademark drinks: vodka martinis and champagne. Martinis steel his nerves and sharpen his brutal side. Champagne is his restorative – his consoling comfort.”

In terms of Bond’s preferred brands, Robinson says, “Bollinger is the obvious place to begin, holding an unchallenged position as the official James Bond champagne for 14 films and four decades.” She then offers context as to how the relationship with Bollinger began and shared some of the on screen highlights featuring La Grande Année and R.D.

If you aren’t familiar with the backstory, it is worth reading the article in full HERE! And, film buffs will surely recall the iconic moments Robinson describes in the piece – such as 1995’s Goldeneye.


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    Champagne Bollinger R.D.

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    A small revolution in the world of Champagne. In 1967, Bollinger releases R.D. 1952.  There is no comparable Champagne on the market at the time. This bold and brilliant Champagne takes the pillars of what makes Champagne Bollinger so unique, and pushes them to their ultimate level. It is, very simply, a masterpiece. 

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    La Grande Année: The Great Year. This Champagne is the embodiment of everything that makes Bollinger the producer that stands apart in Champagne. La Grande Année, or LGA, preserves the traditions of the past and symbolizes the word "hand-crafted" so strongly that an overused word suddenly becomes the only appropriate definition. 

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    Champagne Bollinger

    Champagne, France

    Bollinger is one of the rare Grande Marques that’s still family owned. Known for its rich, elegant and polished style of Champagne, their outstanding wines are the result of rigorous attention to detail and incredibly labor-intensive practices that few houses are willing to undertake. Underscoring its excellence, Bollinger has remained British secret agent James Bond's Champagne of choice since 1973.