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Domaine de Pierre Touraine Gamay Rouge Bottle Shot

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October 9, 2020


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    Domaine de Pierre

    Domaine de Pierre Touraine Gamay Rouge 2018

    Touraine, Loire Valley

    From vines dating back up to 65 years, this classic, carbonic Gamay is fresh and juicy. Grown mostly in sand, grass is grown between the rows to control vigor. Aggressive green harvesting and careful vineyard work ensure that only the very best bunches are fermented, which is especially important as the whole bunches are put in the tank.

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    Domaine de Pierre

    Touraine, Loire Valley

    Domiane de Pierre is a small estate in the heart of the Loire Valley run by 4th generation vigneron Lionel Gosseaume. That said, Lionel took an unusual path to winemaking. As a young man, he left the Loire to study agriculture and pursue a career. While he was away, his brother Thierry inherited his family’s domaine. When he came back home in the early 2000s, Lionel began looking for vineyards of his own. In 2007, he went to work for a next door neighbor at what would eventually become Domaine de Pierre. The neighbor’s name was Jean-Claude Maurice, and he tended the vines from 1960 to 2007, before handing over control to Lionel.