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Rosé Keeps Rolling

July 31, 2020

Market Watch’s Summer 2020 issue included a large feature on the rosé category growth and trends. Château Minuty co-owner Francois Matton is quoted throughout the article as his family’s estate is the global leader, so he is an ideal source to speak about the growing emphasis of Grenache fruit and luxury releases, such as the US launch of Prestige 2019.

Francois believes that Grenache is the king varietal for Provence-style rosés. He tells Market Watch, “Right now, every country in the world wants to make rosé as we do in Provence, and most try to do so by using Grenache.” He adds, “But that’s why I like the wine business; if I plant Chardonnay in my vineyards, I can’t make white Burgundy, just as I couldn’t plant Cabernet and make Bordeaux. Here in the south of France, we have the perfect soil, weather, and sea influence for Grenache.”

The report also speaks to the growth of Minuty in the US market and the emphasis to grow its luxury footing with the national release of Prestige this year.

The full PDF can be viewed below, which includes a host of stats, including US depletion numbers and export growth into the US. The online story can also be read HERE


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